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007 – The Turban

YOU DECIDE! Home where my thought’s escaping, Home where my music’s playing, Home where my love lies waiting Silently for me. – “Homeward Bound” by Paul Simon Advertisements

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006 – Breakfast at Subway

Sorry to make you do your job, lady! And look, Subway…I understand you’re new to this whole “breakfast” thing, but I think it is safe for me to speak for many others when I say that people want coffee in … Continue reading

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005 – X-Men and a Prayer

Thoughts are weird, especially when they just take over like that at the most random of times. Anyways, don’t deny the radness of that scene. Evil, drugged Nightcrawler is beyond badass. Swooshing and flipping about, using his tail as an … Continue reading

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004 – The Hugo Win

First, a definition: slushing is the process of reviewing unsolicited fiction submissions and marking them as either rejected or recommended. I started slushing for Clarkesworld in September 2008. Since then, I’ve tackled 3,501 submissions (as of this post right now), … Continue reading

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003 – Magical Times

These really are magical times as of late. Did you know that Tara and I are going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our honeymoon in October? Well, not just there. Mostly Disney World and all its fun … Continue reading

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002 – Our Differences, Part One

The sliver of shining light to all of this? I’ll never get blamed for drinking the last bit of milk and putting the carton back empty. Victory! A few more differences to come soon, too. Just a few. Cause we’re … Continue reading

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