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Four days of Hurricane Sandy journal comics

— I was going to draw a few more days for this, as we then played host for family and friends still without power and the ability to take a hot shower, but ending our four-day string with the lights … Continue reading

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These Sweet Memories comic – Extreme Couponing

Truth be told, I probably should get into the whole printable discounts instead of wasting my time doing all these comics. Yellow bird, you are alone In singing and in flying on In laughing and in leaving – “Circus Minor” … Continue reading

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These Sweet Memories comic – One Tossed Shoe

Thanks, tow truck man. And I, I wish I met Lou Reed Out on his darkened sea Cause I felt it when his blood would flow But it doesn’t take a thousand years to know That ship burned a long … Continue reading

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029 – Shake Shack Squirrel

Yeah, this squirrel knew exactly who to target for free food. Always the bullied, never the bully–as they say. Interested in more comics I’ve drawn about squirrels? Here’s three then: Pam throws some broccoli at a squirrel Squirrels interrupt my … Continue reading

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028 – Brakes Fail

I’ll probably never draw that comic, so this is the next best thing. As soon as I get my head around you I come around catching sparks off you I get an electric shock from you This secondhand living just … Continue reading

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027 – Empty Coffee Cups

I can spot these faux coffee carriers and drinkers like a hawk. And least fill the cup with water. You’re not that good of an actor, actors! As I walk through the streets of my new city My back feeling … Continue reading

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026 – Hosiery Spotting

I was basically like a walking advertisement for every department in Target. After all, seeing is believing. I’ve decided tonight I’m staying alive, just kicking and screaming Blood boiling and steaming There are things far too dark to comprehend Sleep … Continue reading

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