Hi there.

My name is Paul Abbamondi, and I started drawing comics about my life in November 2006. Not planning ahead, I dubbed this little snippets MyLifeComics–a drab, simple name for comics about someone’s life if ever there was one. My updating schedule switched around a lot; in the beginning, it was whenever I did a comic; then I got regimentated and updated every single day for several months; and lastly, as MyLifeComics started to putter down during my skirt with fiction comics a la Supertown, it was sporadic and random. And then came the day where I realized it was time to both move on and try again.

What does that mean?

Well, it basically means re-branding MyLifeComics into what you see here–These Sweet Memories. They are still journal comics, but my style has changed over the years, and the content is going to be a mix of flashback-style comics and new experiences as I marry my darling Tara this October. Who knows, we might even collab on a few if all goes well. Because, truthfully, I miss drawing these things, and I want to get better at ’em too. My original run of MyLifeComics (roughly 800+ comics) never broke the emotional surface to say the least. We’ll see what I can do here…

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! If you like, do share with super popular people so they can spread it around like wildfire. My poor confidence thanks you greatly.