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021 – Frakkin’ Crazy

I hate drawing comics based in, by, or generally anywhere near cars. But alas, a lot of the time, comics-worthy stuff happens around ’em. I am doomed to be haunted by cars. It is known. This dizzy life of mine … Continue reading

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020 – Final Credit Card Payment

One down, one more to go. And the light that shines through the shining night Is a lamp that I carried from my mother’s home And the light that burns through the window pane And the love remains – “Blue … Continue reading

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019 – Warm in Skyrim, Cold in the Living Room

Other than turning me completely numb, Skyrim‘s been pretty great so far. There’s a ton of things to do at any given minute, and my miscellaneous questlog is at least forty to fifty items deeps. Kinda dancing between main quest … Continue reading

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