006 – Breakfast at Subway

Sorry to make you do your job, lady! And look, Subway…I understand you’re new to this whole “breakfast” thing, but I think it is safe for me to speak for many others when I say that people want coffee in the morning. They do not want to arrive, place their order, and then have to wait for you to brew an entire pot. They do not want to be late to work because the coffee was not made beforehand. It does not take magical foresight to get this either. So…fire this woman or train ’em harder. Actually, you can do neither, corporate head-honchos. Cause I’m never going back. Oh, buuuuuuurn!

This happening also reminded me of a shirt I saw a few weeks back when Tara and I visited a local carnival thingy and they had a bunch of silly shirts hanging up for sale. Wish I had gotten it, actually. The shirt went a little something like this:


Last night I dreamed the sky went black
You were drifting down and you couldn’t get back
You were lost and in trouble so far from home
I reached for you, my arms went to stone

– “Missing” by Bruce Springsteen

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2 Responses to 006 – Breakfast at Subway

  1. Tara says:

    Haha! Yeah, I hear they have good sandwiches for breakfast but if they can’t seem to handle making coffee in the morning, doesn’t seem like this breakfast thing is a good idea for them. Silly, sad, folk.

  2. I’m on the fence with this…I mean OBVIOUSLY you’re right and people are going to want coffee in the morning…so this lady is nuts.

    However, when I worked in a restaurant as a “dispenser” (basically an “ice cream chef”) when I was in highschool I used to literally pray to god (which at that time I was still on the fence about believing in) that people would not order a shake after a certain time at night…because I had already cleaned the machine and it was a HUGE BITCH to clean. Suffice to say, ALWAYS with the shake orders. And no matter how far back I pushed the cleaning of that damn machine…no matter when I did it, someone would still come in and order a shake after I’d done it.

    So I feel her. Sorta.

    Also? Awesome comic. Great to have you back. 🙂

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