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030 – Drive

Drive, which was 33% techno bumps, 33% long stretches of silence, and 33% crazy brutal violence that George R.R. Martin would sign off on, was all right. More of a hauntingly cinematic action film. I still don’t get what women … Continue reading

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027 – Empty Coffee Cups

I can spot these faux coffee carriers and drinkers like a hawk. And least fill the cup with water. You’re not that good of an actor, actors! As I walk through the streets of my new city My back feeling … Continue reading

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026 – Hosiery Spotting

I was basically like a walking advertisement for every department in Target. After all, seeing is believing. I’ve decided tonight I’m staying alive, just kicking and screaming Blood boiling and steaming There are things far too dark to comprehend Sleep … Continue reading

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025 – MegaCon High

For some time now, I’ve been addicted to sadness and frustration. I know this, as I can feel the gaps when they grow. Like long silences in elevators to some, and unsaid words in conversations for others. It was nice … Continue reading

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Hourly Comic Day 2012

NOTE: Will update this post as I finish the rest of them, hopefully before I go to sleep. FINISHED! WOO HOO! That’s two years in a row. Otherwise, it’s been a fairly ho-hum day spent indoors with cats, coffee, and … Continue reading

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019 – Warm in Skyrim, Cold in the Living Room

Other than turning me completely numb, Skyrim‘s been pretty great so far. There’s a ton of things to do at any given minute, and my miscellaneous questlog is at least forty to fifty items deeps. Kinda dancing between main quest … Continue reading

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018 – Bearded and Plaid

I think I overdid it on this one. Oh wells. It’s just a journal comic that no more than a handful will read. On to the next project! Don’t want to know the past I want to know the real … Continue reading

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