026 – Hosiery Spotting

I was basically like a walking advertisement for every department in Target. After all, seeing is believing.

I’ve decided tonight I’m staying alive, just kicking and screaming
Blood boiling and steaming
There are things far too dark to comprehend
Sleep on it one more night, my sad old friend

– “Staying Alive” by Cursive

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025 – MegaCon High

For some time now, I’ve been addicted to sadness and frustration. I know this, as I can feel the gaps when they grow. Like long silences in elevators to some, and unsaid words in conversations for others. It was nice to be–momentarily, of course–feeling something else. It’s an exhilarating moment in time, watching someone pick up a creation you created and react. And so that was glimpsed more than once at MegaCon 2012, where people seemed to enjoy my “bad comics”; heck, I even sold out of the horror-based ones!

I hope to feel this again.

A crown of gold
A heart that’s harder than stone
And it hurts to hold on
But it’s missed when it’s gone

– “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” by Brand New

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Hourly Comic Day 2012

NOTE: Will update this post as I finish the rest of them, hopefully before I go to sleep. FINISHED! WOO HOO! That’s two years in a row. Otherwise, it’s been a fairly ho-hum day spent indoors with cats, coffee, and crazy songs about soup. Y’know, daily life.

We were born with our eyes wide open
So alive with wild hope
Now, can you tell me why
Time after time
They drag you down

– “Silver Lining” by David Gray

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024 – First Cat Comic

The first of many cat comics, I’m sure. Stay tuned for more, as well as more bad puns.

But everybody needs a friend sometimes
You need a little help
And who knows, maybe one day you’ll seek mine
Only time will tell

– “Just Another Night” by Cat Stevens

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023 – Correctional Facility Pee

We found the DMV shortly thereafter, but evidently, magically, fortuitously, they don’t do driver licenses on…Thursdays. Just Thursdays. All other visiting days are fine for it. And yeah, we went on a Thursday. So, uh, good job, us. At least we got to see where the hoodlums in Pennsylvania go for correcting.

Cut it out
Your self-inflicted pain is getting too routine
The crowds are catching on to the self-inflicted song
Well here we go again

– “Art is Hard” by Cursive

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022 – Can’t Handle This

The darker side of Pauly, stemmed from a drunk driver hitting my car and then driving off.

You’ve got the perfect disguise, and you’re looking okay
From the bottom of the best of the worst, well what can I say
Cause you cocked your head to shoot me down, down
And I don’t give a damn about you or this town no more
No, cause I know the score
– “Perfect Disguise” by Modest Mouse

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021 – Frakkin’ Crazy

I hate drawing comics based in, by, or generally anywhere near cars. But alas, a lot of the time, comics-worthy stuff happens around ’em. I am doomed to be haunted by cars. It is known.

This dizzy life of mine
Keeps hanging me up all the time
This dizzy life is just a hanging tree

– “Hanging Tree” by Counting Crows

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