016 – Bracelet Says

This happened way back in like March or April, I think. However, her exuberant and exhausting response to me answering her question has stayed stuck in my head since then. Now it’s a comic. And there’s probably a couple other comics that could be done about our local Quick Chek employee Cody, the loon that she is, but we’ll let them slide.

I haven’t taken the bracelet off since the day I put it on my wrist last summer. It’s all I have to remind me every day that every day is just all the less wonderful…

Gotta tell you, evening sun is sinking low
The clock on the wall say it’s time to go
I got my plans, I don’t know about you
I’ll tell you exactly what I’m gonna do

– “Good Times” by Sam Cooke

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4 Responses to 016 – Bracelet Says

  1. bitsy says:

    Is that a toasted marshmallow coffee in hand? I like the green background. Hugs from AZ

  2. Tara says:

    Why do people ask questions like that, and don’t respond, at the very least say “oh, ok.” Oi vey.

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