002 – Our Differences, Part One

The sliver of shining light to all of this? I’ll never get blamed for drinking the last bit of milk and putting the carton back empty. Victory!

A few more differences to come soon, too. Just a few. Cause we’re basically the same person, just one a male and the other a female. Yeah, I know…it’s super creepy.

I’ve been a searcher
I’ve been a fool
But I’ve been a long time
Comin’ to you

– “Speakin’ Out” by Neil Young

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5 Responses to 002 – Our Differences, Part One

  1. Tara says:

    It is a bit creepy, but that’s ok. Finishing each other’s sentences and saying stuff at the same time is pretty normal. Not to mention the mind reading. That’s normal, right? ❤

  2. TK42ONE says:

    Well I certainly hope Tara doesn’t have a beard. Or Hobbit feet. Let’s hope you add those to the “differences” list. And I love the retro/8 bit font in the first panel.

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